What is ASISA Health Insurance?


ASISA Health Insurance is a new family of insurance policies designed to meet the needs of English speakers in Spain. Whether you live in the country full time, part time or visit occasionally, you can have access to the best health coverage in Spain, at the best value, hassle free.

Core services ASISA Health Insurance

  1. The largest network of health professionals (over 40,000 doctors) and private hospitals & medical facilities (over 1,000) across Spain, including mainland and islands.
  2. Freedom to choose the clinician and health facility.
    ASISA members are free to choose any health professional or facility within the ASISA network across Spain, regardless of where they live. Contact the Call Centre via e-mail (ask@asisa.es) or phone (+34 91 200 0 200) to choose health professionals and facilities filtered by medical specialty, geographic location and languages spoken.
  3. Comprehensive and limitless care:
    • Primary care and specialist units.
    • Home-visits including consultations with doctors, home nursing and Oxygen therapy at home.
    • Hospital admission and inpatient stays in any department, including intensive care.
    Only exception is psychiatric admissions, which have a limit of 50 days for length of stay per year. When patients are in hospital for inpatient treatment, they enjoy a private room with an extra bed for a carer or family member free of charge.

Diagnostic, Family and covers

  1. Diagnostic treatments and therapies.
    Practically all diagnostic treatments and therapies included in the list of approved technologies by the Spanish National Health Service, are covered. For example: inpatient and outpatient surgery, medication during hospitalisation with no limits, implants, prostheses, bone marrow transplants and cornea transplants.
    The main exclusions are: Outpatient medication and some specific treatments such as optative aesthetic surgery, bariatric surgery and some robotics.
  2. Family planning.
  3. Full cover for antenatal care (unlimited), pregnancy and childbirth, with automatic cover for the infant for 30 days after birth (at no additional cost). When the birth has not been covered by ASISA Health Insurance, the baby has comprehensive coverage only for outpatient treatments. When the baby is born in a hospital within the ASISA network of hospitals, the baby has comprehensive coverage (both inpatient and outpatient treatments). Insuring the baby before 30 days after birth have elapsed, guarantees that the
    infant will enjoy comprehensive cover with no exclusions.
  4. Second opinion consultations:
    • With any specialist area covered by ASISA network.
    • Leading international experts (who may or may not belong to the ASISA network). Members
    assigned a doctor by ASISA, who helps them: formulate the medical report for the perusal of the international expert; interpret the expert’s report, discuss the recommendations, and follow up with further telephone consultations in order to monitor the progress and respond to any queries.

And much more 

  1.  Counselling: five sessions over the phone with a psychologist to overcome any trauma related to your health condition or health status.
  2.  Psychotherapy: 20 sessions per year, and up to 40 sessions per year for treatments related to eating disorders, bullying, cyberbullying and gender violence.
  3. Podiatry: Up to 12 sessions per year are included in the cover.
  4. Some dental treatments are included in your cover and are complementary (do not require extra payment) at any dental clinics within the ASISA network. Complementary services include consultations, follow-ups, tooth extractions, dental hygiene, x-rays required by the treatments mentioned, and fluoride treatment for children under 6 years of age. See point 1 in the section titled “Special discounts for treatments the policy does not cover”, for comprehensive dental cover.
  5. Disease prevention and health promotion: This includes specific plans and guidance for preventable conditions in paediatrics, cardiovascular disease, gynaecology, urology and digestive system disorders.

Treatments, Accidental and Assistance ASISA Health Insurance

  1. Treatments required as a result of work related accidents or car accidents. Health cover for work related accidents and car accidents are fully included. Health cover for work related accidents and car accidents are fully included.
  2. Insurance pay-out in the case of accidental death.
    For policy holders aged between 14 and 65 years of age, accidental death is insured with 6,000 euros for the legal inheritors.
  3. Assistance in Spanish 24/7. Phone lines for Customer Service in Spanish 24 hours per day, seven days per week (+34 91 991 1 999) number appears printed on the Asisa Health Insurance membership card). Refer to the section “Special services for English speakers at no additional cost” (see below) for the English Customer Service and
    Helpline. Phone lines for medical emergencies in Spanish (dial +34 91 991 1 999 and press 0, number appears printed on the Asisa Health Insurance membership card). Refer to the section “Special services for
    English speakers at no additional cost” (see below) for the English-speaking Medical Emergency Services.

More information on our website: https://asisahealthinsurance.asisa.es/